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On-Site Tanks

We have a variety of tanks and pumps on hand to loan for industrial site use.  Whether it is a short term project or a major construction site, we are happy to negotiate terms for a convenient and robust on-site storage system to keep your machinery fueled and operating at the highest efficiency.

Scheduled Deliveries
 Whatever your fueling schedule requires--be it daily or weekly deliveries and everything in between--we have the personnel and expertise to make it happen.

Seamless Accommodation
When you hire Willison Oil to furnish your fuels and lubes, we tailor everything to your specific requirements.  You'll not only be dealing with an experienced company with big capability--you'll be getting the flexibility and personal touch you can't find outside of a local distributor.

Industrial & Lubricants

We are proud distributors of Engine Oils, Transmission and Hydraulic Fluids, Industrial Greases and Lubes, and Fuel Additives and Treatments manufactured by Citgo Lubricants.

We sell our products in many conveniently sized packages, from a tube of grease to a full truck delivery of motor oil, and are happy to tailor our supply to your specific needs.

If you have a product that needs replacing, give us a call and ask for Robert McIntyre.  We are happy to match Citgo Lubricants' superior fluids to the needs of your specific applications.

Competitive pricing, friendly service, experience and quality--there's literally no reason to go anywhere other than Willison Oil for your Industrial & Lubrication needs!

Off-Road Diesel, On-Road Diesel, Gasoline...Give us a call!  We've got it all!

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